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Your tailor-made concierge service:
a service adapted to each need

Why Choose Valras'loc for the Management of Your Property?

With Valras'loc, engage in worry-free property management, backed by top-notch customer service, available every day of the week. Your property is much more than an investment for us; it's a passion. Our commitment, unique in the sector, is manifested by exceptional availability and attention. Our area of operation extends to Valras-Plage, Sérignan, Sérignan-Plage, Vendres, Portiragnes, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers, Béziers, as well as Saint-Pierre-la-Mer, Fleury and Lespignan, thus ensuring premier rental experience for your vacationers.

Are you looking for a Personalized Home? At Valras'Loc, we understand the importance of a warm first contact. Is it important to you that your tenants are greeted personally, immediately feeling valued and cared for?

Need Seamless Availability? Are you looking for a service open 7 days a week? At Valras'Loc, we understand the importance of accessible assistance. Did you know that our team is available all week to meet your needs and those of your tenants? Additionally, for urgent situations, we offer 24-hour availability. How could this peace of mind improve your tenants' stay experience and provide you with worry-free management of your property?

Do you demand Excellence in Maintenance? How would you feel if your property was always spotless, with a meticulous cleaning service before and after every stay?

Do you want Efficient Reservation Management? Imagine yourself freed from the constraints of managing reservations. Are you ready to entrust the handling of these details, including unexpected customer requests, to an experienced professional?

Do you prefer Transparent Communication? Are you looking for management where you are constantly informed about reservations, tenant feedback, and everything related to your property?

Do you want True Commitment? What impact would management have for you where each stay of your tenants is transformed into an unforgettable experience, while optimizing your rental income and reducing your worries?

Are you looking for Advantageous Local Knowledge? As a permanent resident in Valras-Plage, offering my services within a 10 km radius, how could proximity and local knowledge benefit the management of your property?

Au-Delà de la Conciergerie : Services Compréhensifs pour une Gestion Parfaite

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Heartwarming welcome

We guarantee a face-to-face meeting with your tenants, ensuring they arrive where they feel expected and valued

Outdoor fireplace

Excellence in Maintenance

We are committed to maintaining your property in impeccable condition.

Empty the mattress

Transparent Communication

Vous serez toujours informé des réservations, des retours des locataires et de toute actualité concernant votre bien. Engagement : Notre objectif est de faire de chaque séjour de vos locataires une expérience inoubliable, tout en optimisant vos revenus et en vous épargnant les tracas."

Using Mobile Phones

Total Availability

24/7, we remain attentive to your tenants for any questions or concerns, thus guaranteeing their peace of mind during their stay.

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Effective Reservation Management

Free yourself from constraints. We manage reservations, customer requests and unforeseen events.

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Flexibilité Tarifaire 

Choose from a range of services to suit your needs - key collection, full management, housekeeping, laundry, or emergency response.

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Optimize your Furnished Tourist Accommodation with Valras'Loc:
Tax Benefits and Personalized Support

Advantages of Classification in Furnished Tourism
  • Requesting classified furnished accommodation offers several advantages, especially if you are the owner of furnished tourist accommodation. Here are some key points:

  • Tax advantages: One of the main advantages of classifying a furnished tourist accommodation is tax optimization. In France, owners of classified furnished accommodation can benefit from a flat-rate reduction on their rental income of 71% for the micro-BIC (Industrial and Commercial Profits) regime, instead of 50% for unclassified furnished accommodation. This means that only 29% of your rental income is taxable.

  • Increased attractiveness: A classified furnished apartment can attract more customers. The classification reassures customers about the quality of housing thanks to well-defined criteria evaluated during the classification. It can also allow you to set slightly higher rental prices thanks to the quality guarantee provided by the ranking.

  • Improved visibility: Some distribution channels and booking platforms give increased visibility to classified accommodation. You can also benefit from the right to use the term “furnished tourist accommodation” in your communication and marketing.

  • Credibility and trust: The official classification brings additional credibility to your rental offer. It shows that you are serious in your commitment to providing quality accommodation that meets standards.

  • Access to subsidies: In certain cases, owners of classified furnished accommodation may be eligible for subsidies for the improvement of their property or for the promotion of tourism in their region.

  • Actual tourist tax exemption: For certain classifications, there may be exemptions or advantages regarding the tourist tax.

  • Period of validity: The classification is valid for 5 years, which allows you to benefit from these advantages over a significant period.

  • It is important to note that the grading procedure involves an evaluation according to specific criteria and sometimes the initial investment to ensure that the accommodation meets these criteria. However, the long-term benefits can far outweigh these initial efforts and investments.

Exclusive Support by Valras'Loc

As a Valras'Loc customer, benefit from free support for the classification of your furnished tourist accommodation. We assist you in the process, from evaluation to optimization of your listing on platforms like Airbnb. Costs related to classification are the responsibility of the owner.

Become a Valras'Loc customer and benefit from a complete service to enhance your accommodation.



Silver Beach -30€

(Without taxes).

  • Return the keys

  • Cleaning optional

  • Laundry service option⁵: Sheets and towels provided from €15.

Woman taking a photo of herself in front of her mirror

Gold Beach - 15% of the rental amount   ( Without taxes)

Image by Aaron Burden
  • Welcome

  • Return the keys

  • Inventory (entry and exit)

  • Cleaning: Cleaning costs will be the responsibility of the tenant, at a rate of 60 euros per hour, determined according to the size of the accommodation.

  • Tenant assistance.

  • Welcome pack⁴

  • Laundry service option⁵: Sheets and towels provided from €15.

Platine³ Beach - 20% of the rental amount

Airbnb Co-Hote Management Services:

  • Management of your advertisements: Full management of reservations, communication and tailor-made welcome for travelers.

  • Inventories: Detailed checks to ensure the quality and safety of your property.

  • Assistance during the stay: Constant availability for a peaceful experience for tenants.

  • Laundry service: Linens and towels provided for each stay.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning costs will be the responsibility of the tenant, at a rate of 60 euros per hour, determined according to the size of the accommodation.

  • Welcome pack⁴: A special attention to make travelers feel welcome.

  • Contract activation fees: from €80 excluding VAT (one-off payment) This fee includes: The creation and adjustment of your ad on Airbnb, including taking photos. The initial organization of the laundry service: Implementation of internal processes to ensure efficient laundry management. Management of administrative formalities for establishing the contract. These one-off contract activation fees guarantee an optimal and professional start to our rental management services.

Image by Jacques Bopp

Other service

  • Service d'urgence (réparation ou panne) : 60€ de l'heure (Hors Taxes)

  • Ménage : 60 euros de l'heure HT

  • Gardiennage hivernal, un grand ménage une fois par an, relevé de courrier avec réexpédition annuelle : 150 € par an (hors taxes)

  • Nous sommes à votre disposition pour toute question ou demande spécifique. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter !


³ Reservation Management and Pricing

We inform you that we act as co-hosts for the management of advertisements for your property on recognized platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Abritel, Vrbo, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and Expedia. These platforms allow for simple booking, transparent management and better online visibility of your property. It is important to note that we do not collect rents directly; Payments will be made from the reservation platform to your bank account. Regarding invoicing, we will invoice you directly for 20% of the net amount you receive from the platform. Payment for our service will be made by your own means of payment, such as bank transfer, and a corresponding invoice will be provided to you at each end of rental to ensure complete transparency. For cleaning fees, if applicable, we will request payment directly from the tenant.

Advantages of the Platforms:

  • Booking Simplicity: Simplified booking processes and intuitive user interfaces make planning your stay quick and easy.

  • Transparent Management: All information regarding availability, rates, and rental conditions are clearly indicated, allowing transparent management of reservations.

  • Increased Online Visibility : Presence on multiple platforms increases the online visibility of your property, providing greater choice to potential tenants.

  • Security and Customer Support: These platforms offer a secure environment for financial transactions and provide available customer support to answer all your questions.

⁴Welcome pack : includes shower gel, shampoo, soap, cotton swab, nail file, makeup remover pad, a bottle of water and a roll of toilet paper.

⁵Laundry service option :

⁶Note on VAT: Currently, our prices are excluding taxes because our company is not subject to VAT. If this changes, you will be informed 60 days in advance. If VAT is added and the new rate does not suit you, and if your contract includes cancellation fees, these fees will be free of charge if your contract is less than 12 months old.

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