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🌟 Valras'Loc Sponsorship Program 🌟

Are you part of our Valras'Loc community? Take advantage of our sponsorship program exclusively reserved for our customers! By sharing your experience, you can benefit from attractive discounts.

How it works ?

  1. Talk about us: Recommend Valras'Loc to those around you: friends, family, colleagues... anyone looking for a quality rental concierge solution.

  2. Your godson joins us: When your godson contacts us, he must inform us that he has been sponsored by providing your name, first name, telephone number and e-mail address. This way, we can allocate the sponsorship benefit to your account.

  3. Reap the benefits: Once the sponsorship has been validated, that is to say after your godchild has subscribed to one of our services, you benefit from the following discounts on your next invoice:

    • Bronze customers: Receive a €10 discount.

    • Silver customers: Receive a €15 discount.

    • Gold customers: Receive a €50 discount.

    • Platinum customers: Receive a €100 discount.

Terms :

  • The referral program is exclusively reserved for our active customers.

  • The sponsorship is considered valid after the first transaction made by the godchild.

  • Discounts cannot be combined and apply only once per validated sponsorship.

  • The discount is automatically deducted from your next bill.

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